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Chicago Popcorn Ceiling Removal

this picture shows chicago popcorn ceiling removal

The textured ceilings were popular as they helped to reduce echo and absorb sound. That style is no longer fashionable. However, popcorn ceilings are still present in old houses. This can be attributed to the fact that asbestos ceilings are very complicated to remove. While it may seem economical to remove the popcorn ceiling by yourself, it is best if you let experts in our company perform that task for you. Reach us at (773) 839 3944 to get professional contractors to get the project done.

For successful asbestos ceiling removal, you have to understand a few things. First, you have to know what constitutes the popcorn ceiling. Basically, the rough surface was installed with a paint-on or spray-on ceiling treatment. Before the 70s, the treatment contained asbestos. In the 80s, popcorn ceilings were installed with a Styrofoam or paper-based product. Regardless of the material used on the ceiling, removing the rough surface is known for its complex process especially for people without professional equipment and skills like us.

Process of Removing Asbestos Ceiling

There are multiple steps involved when removing a textured ceiling.

  • Prepare the room by removing fixtures and light switches
  • Cover the floor as well as the furniture in that room to protect them from dust and residue
  • If the popcorn ceiling is unpainted, spray with water or a water-based solution to dissolve the textured ceiling
  • A painted ceiling will require additional work from our experts. The professionals from Chicago Popcorn Ceiling Removal will further prep the surface after removing the textured surface to prepare it for painting
  • After removing the asbestos ceiling, the substrate will be fully-filled, providing a flat surface ready for painting

Benefits of Hiring Chicago Popcorn Removal Services

You may be wondering why you should go through all that stress to get rid of the textured ceiling. Well, a new ceiling will give your house a modern look. After the old ceiling is gone, you will love the new style of your ceiling. Old ceilings start to yellow when they absorb water and get older. From an aesthetic view, this is not appealing. Instead of painting the popcorn ceiling over and over again, it would be much better if you remove it.

It is advisable to remove the old asbestos ceiling before selling your house. Most buyers shy away when they know they will incur more costs in renovating the ceiling.

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