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Chicago Acoustic Ceiling Removal

this picture shows chicago acoustic ceiling removal chicago

Acoustic ceilings were quite popular in the 70s and 80s. You probably saw cottage cheese ceiling in your grandparents’ homes when you were little. However, the once popular popcorn ceilings have now become less stylish. This can be attributed to the fact that a textured ceiling is known to hold dust, dirt, and spider webs.

In the modern world, no one wants a house or apartment with an asbestos ceiling. In fact, most homeowners with that ceiling are looking forward to removing it and install a modern paint coat. Chicago Popcorn Ceiling Removal Company was founded to offer modern acoustic ceiling removal services in Chicago. You don’t have to remove the textured ceiling by yourself. Let us do the stressful work for you.

Why Chicago Acoustic Ceiling Removal

You may want to remove the asbestos ceiling for various reasons including to prepare your home for sale, renovation or aesthetic purposes.

Why Hire Us?

Acoustic ceiling removal can be a hectic and time-consuming task. Our professionals can buy you some time, save you money, and keep you stress-free with their expertise. Chicago Popcorn Ceiling Removal is insured, so you can be calm as you trust our company with your ceiling.

Our staff will be careful as they work in your home and make sure you are pleased with the end result. We are equipped with the skills and tools to remove the old acoustic ceiling from your home and give you an updated ceiling that you want.

The Process

When you choose our acoustic ceiling removal services, our team will:

  • Cover your furniture and floor to protect them from damage and debris
  • Remove any textural material from the ceiling surface
  • Make necessary repairs on the ceiling surface
  • Prepare your ceiling for painting
  • Install a modern ceiling such as a stretch ceiling

Our services are affordable

Most people shy away from hiring professional services because they think popcorn ceiling removal cost is more than they can afford. Well, our company is unique. We offer affordable rates to our clients. This can be attributed to the fact that we have cutting-edge equipment and professional staff who take much lesser time to get the job done. We offer free quotes to our clients to further cut down on the cost.

Our company is legit

When you are hiring an acoustic ceiling removal company, consider working with a company that is insured and appropriately licensed like ours. Go for a company that has positive reviews and a secure and trustworthy online site like ours.

If you are looking for popcorn ceiling removal company near Arlington Heights, Kenosha or any other city in Chicago, call us on (773) 839 3944 to get a quote for free. Find more info about us.