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Chicago Dry Wall Contractor




From residential to commercial properties across the Chicago area, drywall has played an important part in all manner of construction. Whether you’re looking for the initial drywall installation for your building, drywall repair or replacement services, making the choice to reach out to the skilled and capable professionals at Chicago Popcorn Ceiling Removal will deliver results you can count on for both practical and aesthetic benefits you can trust.

About Us

We have been bringing the best drywall repair, installation and replacement services to the city over the course of many years. We have had the pride and pleasure of assisting hundreds of property owners across Chicago in providing the best possible surroundings, drywall hanging and painting services. Whether you’re looking for assistance with stucco walls, acoustic drywall services or otherwise, making the choice to reach out to our professionals will provide you with the full range of service solutions you’re looking for at an affordable cost. We love working with other local companies and want to shout out a truck repair company that fixed one of our company trucks on the way to a job. Whether you need molding tips or a professional guide, choosing our experts will deliver quality.

Our Services

We look to provide the best local drywall company to all of those in the Chicago area looking for skilled assistance when it comes to sheet rock, stucco and drywall services. We provide you with the estimates you need prior to having any work carried out, acoustic ceiling removal, spraying services or just giving you the necessary tips on how to remove a textured ceiling installation. If you need the assistance of skilled and capable drywall professionals in the Chicago area, making the choice to pick up the phone and calling into the offices of Chicago Drywall Contractor will provide you with the experience you need.

Dry Wall Contractor

Drywall Contractor

We have long been the drywall contractors Chicago turns to when it comes to a variety of treatment services. We bring you services that range beyond the simple installation and repair and venture into the territory of a drywall painter, popcorn ceiling removal, acoustic drywall services and much more. We aim to bring you the most thorough and complete range of options when it comes to this particular building material.

Asbestos Removal (Ceilings)

We all understand the health risks that come with asbestos in our properties and having the right experts to turn to for inspection, estimates and removal services is important. Making the choice to bring in our drywall contractors will provide you with the most experienced services, the right popcorn ceiling removal tool and much more. We aim to bring you a space not only of aesthetic appeal but also to ensure that everyone within is safe.

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Asbestos Removal

Stucco and Plastering

Stucco and plastering services may be required for a number of drywall treatments and you can count on our professionals to provide you with the services you need in this regard as well. Whether you’re looking for a stucco mold, plastering stomp or stipple, making the choice to turn to our experts will bring you results that only come with years of experience. Whatever the design you have in mind, our professionals will carry it out on your behalf.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

For many years, popcorn ceilings have been applied with asbestos fibers contained within, which of course is a situation that you don’t want to have to face on your property. Turning to our experts for the necessary removal services will ensure that you get a thorough treatment that puts focus on attention to detail and provides you with the full range of replacement and refinishing options you need to return your space to normal.

After we do removing your popcorn ceiling, we can refer you to a company that does the spray foam insulation before installing your new ceiling.

Chicago Dry Wall Contractor - Dry Wall Contractor
Drywall Painter

Drywall Painter

Any of the services that we bring to the Chicago area are carried out to the fullest extent. This means not only providing you with the installation and repair options you need but also providing you with the finishing option, textured ceiling and more. We not only provide you with the best in drywall hanging but also deliver a full range of painting options in order to set your unique style within your space.

Installing a Textured Ceiling

Chicago Drywall Contractor doesn’t simply aim to provide you with a flat and drab finish, unless that’s what you desire, we also bring a full range of textured ceiling finish options to the Chicago area in order to ensure that your space has your own personal touch applied to it. When looking for drywall contractors in the city who have the capability to deliver on a number of needs, you can depend on the expertise we provide.

chicago popcorn ceiling textured ceiling

Areas We Service

Chicago Popcorn Ceiling Removal is the ceiling removal specialist in Chicago and surrounding areas. We provide popcorn ceiling removal services to all areas including Evanston, Schaumburg, Naperville, Aurora, Joliet, Merrillville, Hammond, Oak Lawn, Cicero, Oak Park, Des Plaines, Elmhurst, Lombard, Oak Brook, Orland Park, Bolingbrook, and Gary. Our team of professionals will visit your home or business to assess any damage that may have been done by water damage- then we'll remove it for you using our tools and techniques that allow us to complete the job as efficiently as possible. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Contact Us For More Information

The first step in any of our services is hearing from our clients. Whether you’re looking for more information on our drywall repair, need an estimate for finishing services or simply looking for a cost calculator, making the choice to call into our offices will have you speaking directly with qualified drywall contractors Chicago puts their trust in. If you’re looking for more than just a capable, local drywall company, choosing to reach out to our experts will always provide a service that aims to exceed the expectations you have in place.

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“I’ve always wanted a swirl textured ceiling in my living room and finally decided to make the call to Chicago Drywall Contractor. They provided me with a lot of options when it came to the necessary finishing touches and even provided a drywall painter to give it a unique result.” – Albert H.

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“After hearing about all the connections between asbestos fibers and lung cancer, I began to get really worried about my property as the drywall is fairly old. Chicago Drywall Contractor provided me with a full inspection and gave me the information I needed before carrying out a complete replacement.” – Josh C.

Drywall 6

“I have a studio in my basement and needed to have specific acoustic drywall services carried out. Chicago Drywall Contractor were the most knowledgeable throughout my time getting the necessary estimates, which led me to getting my drywall installation from them. The results were exactly what I was looking for.” – Karen L.